Some couples fail repeatedly after transferring good quality embryo(s) without any obvious reason and this becomes a major continuing problem after IVF/ICSI procedures. These women may fall into a category called Repeated Implantation Failure ( RIF ) which is defined as 2 or more unsuccessful embryo transfer in an IVF cycle using top quality embryo(s).
However, the current data from studies and clinical evidence is limited for many of possible causes . RIF also have similar causes to Recurrent Miscarriage ( RCM ) where there are 2 or more consecutive pregnancy loss before the 10th week of gestation .

Some of the known factors includes :

  1. Underlying Chromosomal abnormalities in either or both couple such as Chromosome deletion , translocation or inversion .
  2. Uterine Abnormalities : such as polyps or fibroids affecting the endometrium ( uterine lining where implantation occurs ) , fallopian tube issues such as hydrosalpinx ( swollen and blocked tubes with inflammatory fluid ) , endometrial issues such chronic infection of the uterine lining .
  3. Maternal Blood Disorders : such as Thrombophilia ( blood clotting disorder in the mother ) , autoimmune disorder with increased Natural Killer Cells and auto antibodies has also been suggested .
  4. Maternal and Paternal Age : very strongly associated with advanced maternal age and embryo’s chromosomal abnormalities and to a certain extent on paternal age which contributes to the genetic competency of the embryo(s) .

RIF and RCM can be devastating and takes a toll , emotionally as well as financially on patients and couples . They need to empower themselves with evidence based information and have specific questions to be answered and seek expert care to achieve their dreams.
At Ever Link Fertility Centre , each woman or couple who have had RIF or RCM , a sensible , evidence-based evaluation will be performed that is both time-efficient and cost-efficient prior to embark on the next treatment plan.