As the name suggest , Mild IVF is ‘lighter’ in approach as compared to Conventional IVF as described in IVF/ICSI section . There are different causes of infertility, hence mild IVF focuses on the quality of eggs retrieved and work alongside the woman’s natural menstrual cycle with low doses of stimulating drugs ( lighter approach ) whereas conventional IVF uses higher doses of stimulating drugs to grow lots of follicles (immature egg cells).

Mild IVF stresses on wellbeing of the woman with fewer drugs , lesser side effects and better egg quality although lesser in numbers while maintaining a good pregnancy rate.

Mild IVF focuses on those eggs that only need just the right “push” to mature ( low stimulation drugs ) , with likelihood of being good quality and almost no risks of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome as opposed to conventional IVF, wherein patients are at a higher risk of developing Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome ( OHSS ) which can be life threatening to the patient .

Mild IVF is tailored to specific group of patients and based on your individual medical circumstances and sometimes would be the 1st choice of IVF treatment for these subgroups such as :

  • Women with Low Ovarian Reserve based on previous IVF treatments ( fewer than 4 mature eggs ) , low AMH results or Low Antral Follicles Counts .
  • Older women , who wish to use their own eggs rather than Donor eggs
  • Women with underlying Severe Endometriosis
  • Women with Underlying Breast Cancer
  • Women with PCOS or who have had OHSS in their previous IVF treatment
  • Women with partner who has severe male factor as the sole fertility issue