Artificial insemination , also known as Intra Uterine Insemination ( IUI ) is a simple fertility procedure akin to having a smear test done .The semen is prepared by choosing the active i.e motile and normal sperm s which is then concentrated prior to placement in the uterus using a catheter . This is a good and simple option for mild semen abnormalities or for women who do not ovulate regularly. We usually would recommend a tubal patency test prior to IUI procedure to ensure there are no tubal blockage(s) .IUI can be done in a natural cycle where we would ‘track” the growing egg with ultrasound scan and perform the IUI procedure around the likely time of ovulation to increase the success rate , or more commonly we would stimulate the egg ( s ) with oral tablets or injections to increase the number of eggs between 2 – 3 mature eggs before performing IUI to increase the chances of success .

IUI can be done using their partner’s sperm or a Donor Sperm whether is it fresh semen or frozen sperm .